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Income tax return filing used to be a lengthy and time consuming process in the past. But as the technology has developed the need for online tax filing was felt and we at Money Plant Consultancy bring you this online income tax return preparation software, which is unique by itself. It is in a simple question answer format and allows you to prepare your income tax return in steps. Preparation and E-filing of income tax return was never so easy.

Money Plant Consultancy brings you the luxury of e-filing income tax returns from anywhere and at any time, just at the click of a button.

Online or E-filing was enabled by the Income Tax Department a couple of years back. It is an improved and hassle-free method of filing returns electronically on the website - through the comfort of one’s home or office. In fact, e-filing has been accepted by the IT department as a trusted means of filing IT returns.

The benefits of e-filing income tax returns also are many:

You get your refunds much faster.
You could also check the status of your refund online.
No standing in long cues to file in your returns.
Assessments would be faster.

Checklist of documents required before filing online Tax return:

The following are a list of documents categorized on the sources of income which you might require to prepare your online income tax returns in India.

Income from salary
All Salary Certificate(s) or Form 16 received from your employer
If you are a pensioner your pension certificate from the bank or the bank statement where your pension is received

Income from residential property
Housing Loan repayment certificate
Municipal Corporation tax receipt
TDS certificate of rent OR the bank statement where you have deposited all the rent you have received

Income from other sources
Individual details of all income from other sources (e.g. interest, dividend, income from sources not included above) and TDS certificates relating to it

Agricultural income
Bank statement indicating the amounts earned from agricultural sources

Income to be clubbed
Details of income in the hands of any dependents or any other person which you wish to declare as your income

Deductions not declared to employer
Amount contributed to Public Provident Fund
Amount of donations made during the current year
Amount of NSC purchased
Amount paid for premium towards life insurance policies for your self or your dependents.
Contribution to recognized pension plan under section 80CCC
Medical insurance premium paid

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