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Tax Bachat with Tax Laws
Tax Planning with Sec 80C
Tax Bachat Plan

Why Money Plant Consultancy

We at Money Plant Consultancy Financial Advisory Services firmly believe that everyone has "Right to Wealth" and gaining such wealth is a necessity which requires a well thought out financial plan. But Financial Planning is not what most people think. It is not about buying a policy or investing into some product or rebalancing or doing asset allocation.

"Financial Planning is the most powerful scientific process to obtain financial objectives successfully with the help of a professionally qualified person. For this, you need "Unbiased, Transparent and Honest Advice" all the time."

If you prosper, we prosper. That's the way we work. Be it written or oral advice, reports, reviews, evaluation, fees you can be rest assured of transparency that you have not witnessed before.

Money Plant Consultancy Guarantee

Transparency and Honesty: Unheard & Unseen
Financial decisions need to be done with objectivity and not emotions. We will guide you through over emotions and empower you to take the right decisions. To that extent we never recommend anything in which we do not have our own money invested.

Service Quality for Financial Planning: Insightful & Comprehensive
We guarantee…that the planning we do for you will be worth its weight in gold. The value you will derive is worth every penny paid and far more.

With you….for life…
Life may change on a regular way but relationship you have with us is for lifetime. We will be with you all the way and the planning we do for you will serve you lifelong.
Our commitment is that our customers should take best financial decisions & never ever make any financial mistakes in life.

So what are you waiting for, avail our financial planning services today and change your financial life for better. We will be happy to have you join us!

Please note that every individual is different; and thus every plan will be different. We offer you the most economical and value for money financial planning services, simply mail your requirements & details or call us to fix an appointment for a complimentary meeting with our financial expert.


Comprehensive plan:- D-lite plan

This will be an overall start to end financial planning, which means a complete cover-up of your finance. The result will be a strategy for accomplishing your and your family's goals that is implemented and monitored overtime.

Under this plan we will analyses your multiple financial concerns together at the same time:

  • Your relationship with money & how do you deal with your money?
  • How to get more out of your investments?
  • Review of Your existing investments and are they according to your future plans?
  • When, Where and How to invest?
  • Monitoring of your investments

What it includes!

We will provide you in-depth consultation on ALL the following areas:

  • Complete Financial Health Checkup.
  • Life Insurance & General Insurance – Car / Medical etc.
  • Planning for Retirement.
  • Planning for Children's Education & Marriage.
  • Planning for Buying a Home.
  • Planning for Holidays.
  • Estate planning and Debt management.
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Asset allocation analysis
  • Net worth calculation.

Customized Plan: e-lite plan

Customized financial planning is a friendly and professional financial planning practice which aims to offer highly customised & specific plans at a very nominal price. As with us any level of customisation is possible – it just depends on how much would you like. That's why we want to make it easy for you. Under this plan you can choose your own planning.

You may select any or few of the area as mentioned and covered in Comprehensive Financial Planning like Complete Financial Health Checkup or Life Insurance & General Insurance or Planning for Retirement or Planning for Children's Education & Marriage or Planning for Buying a Home or Planning for Holidays or Estate planning and Debt management or Cash flow analysis or Asset allocation analysis or Net worth calculation.


The Financial Planning process consists of the following basic Eight steps:

Stage 1: Complementary Meeting:

At RPFAS we offer you a first complimentary meeting which will last for around 30 to 45 Minutes. In this meeting we will understand your financial history, goals and expectations. This meeting will be very helpful to make you and we stand on the same platform from where we can start your blissful financial journey. You can fix an appointment and pay us a visit or our financial experts can meet you at your place to decide the further course of action.

Stage 2: Scope of Services:

Having examined your financial priorities, objectives and concerns in detail we can arrive at the scope of services and our nominal professional fees for the same. You can be rest assured for the quality of the services & the amount thus spend by you would be the best investment of your lifetime.

Stage 3: Financial Health Check-Up:

Review of Current financial position We will review & analyze your current financial position and your existing assets and liabilities to check that are You on the Road to Financial Freedom. We would suggest if any investment needed to be modified, identify and quantify particular needs and prepare specific recommendations. As its prudent to first set existing things right and then only move ahead to achieve our ultimate financial goals.

Stage 4: Term selection of your financial plan:

This stage will let you select a plan as in- will you be opting for a Short term investment or a Long term investment.

Stage 5: Final Plan Presentation:

We will prepare final written reports outlining and quantifying your financial goals and objectives, identifying any deficiencies and providing specific recommendations. We will present our report to you, along with an in-depth discussion to answer any questions that you may have. We encourage you to schedule a minimum of one hour and preferably two hours to allow for a thorough plan review.

Stage 6: Actual Plan implementation:

Once you approve the final plan presentation we will start implementing the actual plan. We will guide you the complete financial strategies like where, when and how to invest.

Stage 7: Regular Monitoring:

The financial plan should be reviewed regularly after implementation to determine your progress on achieving the plan recommendations. This stage monitoring will be performed in quarterly basis. In addition, we will address any investment or tax law changes that may impact our original recommendations. We recommend a formal annual review of the plan.

Stage 8: Online access to Your Portfolio:

24/7; 365 Days Now you are just a click away from all the information about your investments. You will be provided with an exclusive portfolio management tool & with user id – password to access your portfolio any time anywhere. Plus it will also gives you regular reminders through sms alerts or mails about all your renewals for your car/bike insurance premium, mutual funds sips, life insurance premium due, mediclaim renewal, ppf deposit date etc.

"So what are you waiting for just call us to fix an appointment for a complimentary meeting with our financial expert and change your financial life for better."

Tax Planning with Sec 80C

Tax planning u/s 80C:
  • Do you know the ways to allocate your investments intelligently in the best investment options as available under Sec 80C and to generate best returns apart from saving taxes by Rs.37000/-

  • Have you given a serious thought about investment in 80C to be a part of your overall long term financial planning or have been delaying it right till the end of the year like most of the tax payers?
Benefits of tax-planning:

Making use of the available tax deductions can go a long way in helping individuals accumulate wealth. Covering the entire limit of Rs. 120000/- and saving Rs. 37000/- is a must as the amount thus saved i.e. Rs. 37000/ - in turn can be invested in various avenues like fixed deposits, mutual funds and equities, depending on his risk appetite to generate further returns and also to protect capital for the long term.

Following investments/contributions qualify for Section 80C deductions:

Following investments/contributions qualify for Section 80C deductions:

  • Public Provident Fund (PPF)
  • National Saving Certificate (NSCs)
  • Accrued interest on National Saving Certificate
  • Life Insurance Premium
  • Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS)
  • 5-Year fixed deposits with banks and Post Office
  • Contributions to Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
“So what are you waiting for; avail our exclusive Tax Bachat Plan and optimize your tax savings investments to the fullest.”

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